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Download The Great Light In Masonry - The King James Version of the Holy Bible

These graphics as your mouse cursor!

Square and Compass with flashing letter  G

First, lets assume that you are using a computer that is running Windows95 or Windows98. These instructions will be for such a computer.

Step One: Download the files listed above. To do this, click on one of them.   You will see a screen that says "what do you want to do with this file?" and you should choose "save it to disk". Save it to your "windows" "cursor" directory (c:\windows\cursors). 

Do the same for all files.

Step Two: Install the files. To do this, click on "My Computer" and choose "control panel". From there, choose "mouse" and from the mouse screen, choose "pointers". Make sure the top line ("normal select") is highlighted, and then click on "browse" and browse until you find "sqcomp.cur" (there is a mini-icon of the square and compasses beside it) and double click on it.

Next, do the same for "working in background" and "busy", using the file "sqcomp.ani" or other animated file.

Double click on "apply"

Double click on "close"

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