Editor's Note: My Brothers: I have this program on all of my computers. It is excellent! The following is copied from www.geocities.com/Athens/7084 which is Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel's Holy Bible website. The links below will take you to the appropriate place on Dr. Kamel's website for download. If the links below fail to work, please go directly to Dr. Kamel's homepage (www.geocities.com/Athens/7084 ) for your download.

Christian Freeware
Copyright and Programming © 1996-1998 Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel.
All rights reserved.

Bible 97 Features:

It's free! Give copies to your friends!

Download Bible 98 for Windows 98!


bible98.exe (self-extracting compressed archive 5,463,281 bytes @ www.winsite.com): Bible 98 (KJV) v98.5.0en - King James Old and New Testaments with Catholic/Orthodox Deuterocanon. Electronic Bible designed for Windows® 98 or later (also runs under Windows® 95/NT 4.0) -- Requires Service Pack 2 (download below)

Download Service Pack 2 for Bible 98 (KJV):

bibl98p2.zip (105,725 bytes @ www.winsite.com): Service Pack 2 for Bible 98 (KJV)

Download Free and Complete French and English Old and New Testaments Bible Search and Study Programs for Windows® 95/NT - Bible 97:

kjvbib97.zip (4,078,100 bytes @ www.winsite.com): KJVBible97 v4.0 - King James Old and New Testaments. FREEWARE 32-bit Bible search, read and study program designed exclusively for Windows® 95/NT 3.51, 4.0 or later
kjvbib97.zip (4,078,100 bytes mirrored @ www.winsite.com/Windows NT archive)
KJVBible97 v4.0 at Rocket Download

kjvnt95.zip (2,888,313 bytes @ www.winsite.com): BibleNT v95.3.0en - King James New Testament. FREEWARE 32-bit Bible search, read and study program designed exclusively for Windows® 95/NT 3.51, 4.0 or later

Download Visual Bible (Gustave Doré - KJV) for Windows® 98/95:

visbible.zip (compressed archive 6,275,601 bytes @ ZDNet Software Library -- 5 Stars): Visual Bible (Gustave Doré - KJV). The Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments) in pictures in Microsoft® Compiled HTML Help format for Windows® 98/NT 5.0 or later (also runs under Windows® 95/NT 4.0) -- Features: More than 200 high quality illustrations by Gustave Doré (1832-1883), the most popular and successful French book illustrator of the mid 19th century; Scripture quotations from the Holy Bible: King James Version; Easy navigation with a tree-like classified listing of the books of the Holy Bible and available topics/stories; Fast full text search capability with highlighting; and Pictures and verses can be copied to Windows Clipboard or printed directly from within the program.

Other Goodies:

winjgsaw.zip: Freeware Customisable Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Windows® 3.1x/95 with Ave Maria Bitmap and Tune

xmas97.zip: Christmas 97 Desktop Theme for Windows® 95 with Christmas Stars Screen Saver, Christmas Carols and Animated Cursors - Freeware

easter.zip: Easter Desktop Theme for Windows® 95: Enjoy spring flowers, Easter bunny and colourful eggs on your desktop - Freeware

efmc95.zip: Encyclopedia of the First Millennium of Christianity 1 to 1000 AD Multimedia Demo + Freeware Rejoice! Game for Windows® 3.1x/95. Please note that this demo covers an earlier version. Information about the latest version (1998 - Second Edition) can be found here.

abible.zip: Freeware Flying Crosses Screen Saver for Windows® 3.1x/95

multivu1.zip: Freeware Graphic Viewer for Windows® 95/NT

minicalc.zip: Freeware Tray Calculator for Windows® 95/NT 4.0

NB: You can also download all these files from WinSite's mirror sites world-wide. The WinSite archive is mirrored on 30+ servers around the globe, e.g., ftp://mirrors.aol.com/pub/cica/pc/win95/misc/ (WinSite-win95/misc mirrored @ AOL)

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