Texas Masonic History 


The Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas
from the Grand Lodge of Texas, with permission

To separate the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas from the Republic of Texas is not easily accomplished. Since a large number of the participants were Masons, it is akin to watching plays on two stages with the same actors scurrying back and forth. Independence from Mexico had been won at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, and during the next months the infant republic struggled to establish itself.


Several Accounts of the Alamo
The 13 Days of Glory

Various authors - includes roster of the brave men who died


Why Did Sam Houston Spare the Life of Santa Anna at San Jacinto?

by Otho C. Morrow
Great-Grandson of Sam Houston
Over the years, articles regarding Houston's treatment of Santa Anna at San Jacinto, reportedly taken from the files of early newspapers, have appeared in our Masonic publications. In the main, these articles have attributed Houston's refusal to permit the execution of Santa Anna to his having given Houston the Masonic sign of Distress.


Why We "Remember The Alamo"
by Bro. Dwight Stevens, Chairman, Masonic Education and Service Committee
(printed in The Texas Mason, Spring 1998,)

During his year (1998), Grand Master Harry G, Cunningham had as his emblem the Alamo Mission overlaid with the Square and Compasses. This emblem should hold special meaning to all Texas Masons. The Alamo should be remembered as the place where the Mexican Army, under command of General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna, stormed a former Mexican mission defended by a band of Texans fighting for their independence. Among the defenders were our Masonic Brothers James Bonham, Jim Bowie, David Crockett, Almaron Dickenson and Col. William Barrett Travis.


When the War Stood Still in Galveston
by Duncan Howard
Reprint From The Texas Mason, Spring 1994

The recapture of Galveston by Confederate forces is little known in the annals of war. But Masons, wherever dispersed, take a special pride and share a certain feeling when the war stood still in Galveston while Worshipful Master Philip C. Tucker, Jr. opened Harmony Lodge No. 6 and conducted the Masonic burial of a Northern Brother, "appreciating the spirit and force of Masonic ties." It is a Masonic legacy for all Masons to cherish until time shall be no more.


And the Texas Masonic Pride Goes On
from the Riverside Lodge No. 1194 Newsletter, April 1992, with permission

The subject of our last month's newsletter was "Texas Masonic Pride" which outlined the history of the Great State of Texas and the Masons who shaped its course of history. The month of March commemorated many of the historical events, such as the time in 1835 when five Master Masons met beneath an oak tree in Brazoria and petitioned the Grand Master of Louisiana for a charter to form a lodge in Texas. Then on March 2, 1836, Sam Houston and 58 other delegates drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence from Mexico, knowing that they might well be signing their own death warrants. The Alamo fell on March 6, 1836.  That was also the day when Sam Houston was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Texas Army and took command of the troops.


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The Green Leaves of Summer

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Background Music: "The Green Leaves of Summer" - Theme from the movie The Alamo, produced, directed, and starring Brother John Wayne. The Movie premiered Oct. 24th, 1960. The musical score was written by Dimitri Tiomkin (High Noon, Giant, Gunfight at OK Coral, Rio Bravo) and the words were written by P.F. Webster. The Alamo cost $6.5 million, making it one of the most expensive movies ever produced at that time.

"The Green Leaves of Summer" lost the Golden Globe Award for Best Movie Score that year to the theme from the movie "Exodus".